Sundara Taus

Sundara Taus

A string, played with a bow instrument forgotten on the sub-continent. The ancestor of dilruba, esray, sarangi. The Taus is the blessing of the Great Tenth Master of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, as a master of the Persian language he named this glorious instrument 'Taus' which stands for a peacock. This was the instrument which was designed and played by the great Guru himself to guide us.

The sound of this instrument is wonderfully melodious taking you to a complete heavenly state, where you can feel the warmth of the universe. This instrument is played with a bow and is handcrafted from one piece of high quality wood (Dhunn wood). This is the instrument which requires a vast amount of hard work, effort and craftsmanship to produce such a graceful instrument. In the XX Century it is especially noticeable among the society of Sikhs, serving as a religious instrument.

The instrument which Tomasz plays called Sundara taus and was designed by himselves. Sundara taus (means beautiful peacock) is closer to dilruba. Some resonating strings have been added along with additional strings called Javari which are to be placed on a special bridge. The fretboard ending and the shape of the instrument - an animal motive - a peacock (from this we have got the name - taus means a peacock, mayuri - peacock). Magnificently sculptured, adorned with floral patterns.

The instrument is manufactured in India and labeled with the name of the artist.


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