Uzbek Kashgar Rewap

Uzbek Kashgar Rewap

The Kashgar rewap which is mainly used in West China (by the Uyghurs) has a factory-made relation in Uzbekistan. During the Soviet period, many folk instruments were changed to a more Western style instrument (so they could be used to play "proper", written music), by adding fixed frets, and machine tuners. The instruments usually were made in different sizes, like primo, soprano, alto, tenor, etc.

The body of an Uzbek kashgar rabab is made of (8-10) separate strips glued together, with a thick hide in the front (probably fish skin), glued around the edge with a strip of black leather. The neck and peghead are carved out of one piece of wood, with two "wings" carved on the lower end, and a small backward curve under the tuninghead. The neck has a raised fretboard, with metal (copper) strips as frets. The peghead is slotted with guitar-style tuners, on both sides. The metal strings run over a large loose wooden bridge on the skin front, to separate pins from the edge of the body. The instrument is not as much decorated as the rabab of the Uyghurs. It is varnished, with the neck in a lighter colour (typical of Uzbek instruments). Tuning could be E bb e'e' or C gg c'c'. The instrument is played with a plectrum.

This rewap has been restored by Tomasz - the string pegs, frets and the leather stringing were improved. What is more, the wood has been refined and the whole instrument linished and painted once again.


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