Divan Saz

Divan Saz

This is the most well-known Turkish plucked instrument. It comes in several different sizes : the small cura, the baglama, the bigger divan saz and the biggest : the meydan saz. Nowadays you can also find an electric saz. The baglama (pronounce: bah-lahma) is the most popular of them. In Iran and Azerbaijan, this instrument may be called chogur, choghur or çogur.

The body of the saz is traditionally carved in a block of wood, hollowed out with a round soundhole on the bottom side. However nowadays, its body is often made from separate ribs that are glued together. It has a thin wooden soundboard, with usually several strips of different coloured wood on both sides.

The neck is quite thin and glued to a V-join to the body. The tuninghead is a separate piece of wood, and set under a slight angle with a V-join to the neck. The neck has tied-on frets of nylon string, some in 1/4 notes. On the left side is a groove along the edge, to ease the making of knots in the frets. It has 8 strings in 3 courses of (steel) strings; the middle course with 2, both others with 3 strings. They run over a small wooden bridge to a piece of wood on the edge of the body. The T-shaped friction pegs are usually 4 on the front and 4 on the (left) side of the tuninghead.

The saz is played with a plectrum and mainly only the first course. Some players manage to tap against the ringfinger on the soundboard while strumming (like flamenco players), to give a special extra rhythm effect. Others use a kind of tapping.

Most sizes of the saz can have either a long or a short neck. The short neck requires a different playing style as the lower notes are on the other strings.

The Divan Saz which Tomasz plays was re-invented by himselves - string pegs and frets were corrected. Additionally, the fret board has been straightened, the rosete on the instrument was made and adorned with floral patterns. The wood was renovated, and the whole instrument was painted and linished.


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