Tomasz Podgórski - A composer, multi-instrumentalist. Started making music since the beginning of the 90’s. Practically, from that time on, Tomasz has been inventing his miscellaneous, rich in sound and characteristics music. The sounds of his ethnic instruments get mingled with the modern electro-acoustic vibes giving outstanding effects.

He is an author of music composed for the Theatre of Movement ‘Gry i Ludzie". Among these shows are: ‘The Mirror’, ‘Angels’, 'Fedra’s Love’, ‘The Ballad of John W.’, ‘Facelifting’. Moreover, he is a creator of the soundtrack to a film made by a Silesian director Radosław Markiewicz called ‘ZŁOM’, which won the Special Award of Jury at the Feature Film Festival Gdynia 2002.

A leader and creator of a ROSEGARDEN band whose several albums were published to the world music markets: ‘Novenna’, ‘Body with Sunlight’, ‘Crossing the Streams’, ‘Novenna Re-issue’.

Co-creator of the Manasuna band’s sound in which he leaves his notable footprint, mainly through playing the oriental string instruments from his own collection. A few of the instruments he plays, were even designed by himself because Tomasz is a re-inventor of the Indian and Persian instruments.

Thanks to friendships and broad contacts with the Indian instrument makers, mainly with Zakir, Ashish (Sathyadeep Musical Palace), Sanjeev (Raj Musicalas), a unique sitar came into being in Miray – Mayuri sitar, forgotten on the Indian land string instrument taus (mayuri veena) - Sundara Taus and Rajam Taus, santur - Mayuri Santur and several more creations handcrafted and labeled with the name of the Polish artist.

His passion is also the renovation of unique instruments. In the band one can spot renovated and played by Tomasz other instruments such as uzbek Rabab, Rewap and turkish Divan Saz.

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In Manasuna:
Tomasz Podgórski - Mayuri Sitar, Rajam Taus, Sundara Taus, Sarod, Mayuri Santur, Persian Santur, Divan Saz, Tar, Kanun, Oud, Uzbek Afghan Rabab, Uzbek Kashgar Rewap, Pipa, Guitar, Sampling

Other band members:
Rafał Gładysz - Electronic Instruments, Beat Programming, Futujara, Kaval
Szymon Pawlas - Cello
Karol Kempny - Violin
Paweł Podsiadło - Tabla, Throat Singing, Didgeridoo, Beatboxing, Kaoss Pad
Grzegorz Surówka - Wave Drum, Frame Drum, Tibetan Bowl, Djembe, Darbuka

Tomasz Podgórski

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19:00 | Barwy Ziemi - Indie (MDK Bogucice)

12:00 | Piknik Archeologiczny (Park Nauki i Ewolucji)
Krasiejów (OPOLE)

19:00 | Teatr KOREZ (konkrETNO)

18:00 | Klub REMEDIUM (Psychofreski)

20:00 | Rynek (Święto Wina)
Środa Śląska

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