Grzegorz Surówka - Is a well seasoned musician with more than 10 years of concerts and, performances on congas, djembes, bongos and mrdangas. His interest with rhythm as well as ethnic, folk and modern music started in his early teens. Over the years Grzegorz has had different opportunities to develop and share his talent. He was a co-founder of the drumming project “Djembe-ha” with participants from several countries, co-operated with DJ Unique who appeared in Poland with Mayday festivals, facilitated drumming workshops in the Kopernik’s High School in Bedzin, to name a few. For several years he played both in Poland and abroad with the SALSA band and facilitated the rhythm and drumming workshops as part of the Development Festival PROGRESSteron.

In 2008, Grzegorz started his training company “SURYA – Integration Through Sound” in order to combine his happy and energetic nature with his extensive drumming experience and with his educational background as a teacher of foreign languages. His lively spirit in connection with his musical and teaching talents make his drumming workshop a joyful, entertaining and educational event.

SURYA is the fruit of taking Grzegorz’s experiments with rhythm, drums and music beyond a private hobby into the professional business realm. The core business activity is to organise and facilitate the training workshops of integration through music and rhythm for children, teenagers and adults. Other fields include drumming therapy, providing drummers and performers (fireshow, African dancers etc.) for musical or outdoor events, and organisation of ethnic and folk concerts.

Check me out: www.surya-drums.pl

In Manasuna:
Grzegorz Surówka - Wave Drum, Frame Drum, Tibetan Bowl, Djembe, Darbuka

Other band members:
Rafał Gładysz - Electronic Instruments, Beat Programming, Futujara, Kaval
Szymon Pawlas - Cello
Karol Kempny - Violin
Paweł Podsiadło - Tabla, Throat Singing, Didgeridoo, Beatboxing, Kaoss Pad
Tomasz Podgórski - Mayuri Sitar, Rajam Taus, Sundara Taus, Sarod, Mayuri Santur, Persian Santur, Divan Saz, Tar, Kanun, Oud, Uzbek Afghan Rabab, Uzbek Kashgar Rewap, Pipa, Guitar, Sampling

Grzegorz Surówka

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19:00 | Barwy Ziemi - Indie (MDK Bogucice)

12:00 | Piknik Archeologiczny (Park Nauki i Ewolucji)
Krasiejów (OPOLE)

19:00 | Teatr KOREZ (konkrETNO)

18:00 | Klub REMEDIUM (Psychofreski)

20:00 | Rynek (Święto Wina)
Środa Śląska

18:00 | Reggaenwalde