Paweł Podsiadło - Since 7 years he has been exploring the beauty of ethnic music and the infinite quantity of its instruments. The passion started in a very simple way during jamming on African djembe with friends in a local Community Centre.

While going deeper into the roots of music, he fell in love with a deep and massive sound of the Australian didgeridoo and fluent harmonics of the throat singing. Along with the spread of his self-development, he started to make use of beatbox techniques, jaw harps and an electronic equipment. In consequence, the passion for various sounds caused an another instrument to came up - tabla, Indian drums.

On his own, by beat-programming, he is trying to make a fusion of two completely different and opposite worlds - ethnic and electronic - to get a perfect balance and pure joy of music.

Manasuna is for him exactly what he was looking for in modern creation of ethnic/world music. Apart from the Manasuna project, he also cooperates with a modern Silesian folk band - Fifidroki, as well as with a blues project called Juicy Band.

Normally, he conducts lessons of didgeridoo at his musical workshops.

In Manasuna:
Paweł Podsiadło - Tabla, Throat Singing, Didgeridoo, Beatboxing, Kaoss Pad

Other band members:
Rafał Gładysz - Electronic Instruments, Beat Programming, Futujara, Kaval
Szymon Pawlas - Cello
Karol Kempny - Violin
Grzegorz Surówka - Wave Drum, Frame Drum, Tibetan Bowl, Djembe, Darbuka
Tomasz Podgórski - Mayuri Sitar, Rajam Taus, Sundara Taus, Sarod, Mayuri Santur, Persian Santur, Divan Saz, Tar, Kanun, Oud, Uzbek Afghan Rabab, Uzbek Kashgar Rewap, Pipa, Guitar, Sampling

Paweł Podsiadło

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19:00 | Barwy Ziemi - Indie (MDK Bogucice)

12:00 | Piknik Archeologiczny (Park Nauki i Ewolucji)
Krasiejów (OPOLE)

19:00 | Teatr KOREZ (konkrETNO)

18:00 | Klub REMEDIUM (Psychofreski)

20:00 | Rynek (Święto Wina)
Środa Śląska

18:00 | Reggaenwalde