Karol Kempny - Karol started his musical development in the year 1996, when his parents enlisted him as a pupil at a local Music School in his hometown. He graduated it after 12 years of study, and after that he began taking additional violin lessons in Katowice. His principal goal was to begin education at the prestigeous Academy of Music in Katowice. In meantime, Karol enrolled at the Teacher's Training College in Jastrzębie-Zdrój (2008), where he was mastering the English language for 3 years. In 2011, he graduated it and succesfully obtained a bachelor of English.

However, his musical adventure did not ceased. For the time being, he is a student of the Music Academy in Katowice where he can enhance his fascination for the violin instrument and meet the people with similar interests. On Karol's account is also the participation in the International Music Courses in Łańcut.

Karol is not only interested in classical music, but also in various other kinds of sounds, such as classical rock, music of the 80's, soundtracks, ethnic music which resulted in becoming a member of the MANASUNA project, blues, pop and some streams of jazz music. In addition, he is deeply engrossed in astronomy, geography, literature and sport (mainly football).

He also fancies travels, often dreaming of visiting foreign continents and admiring the world heritage.

In Manasuna:
Karol Kempny - Violin

Other band members:
Rafał Gładysz - Electronic Instruments, Beat Programming, Futujara, Kaval
Szymon Pawlas - Cello
Paweł Podsiadło - Tabla, Throat Singing, Didgeridoo, Beatboxing, Kaoss Pad
Grzegorz Surówka - Wave Drum, Frame Drum, Tibetan Bowl, Djembe, Darbuka
Tomasz Podgórski - Mayuri Sitar, Rajam Taus, Sundara Taus, Sarod, Mayuri Santur, Persian Santur, Divan Saz, Tar, Kanun, Oud, Uzbek Afghan Rabab, Uzbek Kashgar Rewap, Pipa, Guitar, Sampling

Karol Kempny

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19:00 | Barwy Ziemi - Indie (MDK Bogucice)

12:00 | Piknik Archeologiczny (Park Nauki i Ewolucji)
Krasiejów (OPOLE)

19:00 | Teatr KOREZ (konkrETNO)

18:00 | Klub REMEDIUM (Psychofreski)

20:00 | Rynek (Święto Wina)
Środa Śląska

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